Top 5 Grocery Shops in Bangladesh

Top 5 Grocery Shops in Bangladesh

Finding the best grocery shops in Bangladesh can be challenging. You may get lost in the wide range of options available to you. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Here we will help you identify which one is the best grocery store in Bangladesh.

There are different categories of options available in our list. So, give this article a read and find out what you have been looking for.

The 5 Best Grocery Shops in Bangladesh

Just knowing the names of grocery stores; also known as super shops is not enough. There is more to it than you can imagine.

Super shop or grocery store lists in Bangladesh will only tell you where the super-shops are located. But you won’t get to know what type of groceries are available there.

In the last few years, a lot of huge grocery stores became popular enough to be known as the best super shop in Bangladesh.

Unfortunately, all these grocery stores aren’t the best. Some tried to lure customers with false advertising, while many grocery stores provided bad-quality products.

This is why take a look at our top 5 picks of the best grocery stores in Bangladesh. Our list contains not only the best super shop business in Bangladesh. But, here you find out about the best online grocery shop in Bangladesh as well.

1. Agora

When the matter of supermarkets in Bangladesh comes, Agora will always be on top of the list. It is practically the first and undoubtfully one of the best grocery shops in Bangladesh. Since 2001, Agora has so far established 14 outlets in Dhaka, 2 in Sylhet, and 1 in Chittagong.

The outlet decoration, outlet size, and contents are satisfactory to most customers. Agora holds a wide range of products in its collection. From food items to home essentials, everything is available here. High-quality grocery product is their main attraction.

They are now available for home delivery as well. If you live in Dhaka, Chittagong, or Sylhet, find your nearest Agora here. You will get their phone number from this list as well. That way, you will know more about their available products.

2. Shwapno

The majority of the people have heard about Shwapno there is no doubt about that. With over 100 outlets and more than 3000 workers, it is the biggest grocery shop in Bangladesh. Though their outlets are smaller than Agora, their collection of and the variety of products is undoubtedly greater.

An impressive thing about Shwapno is its supply of imported grocery items. No other grocery store in Bangladesh keeps such products in its collection. The majority of Shwapno’s items are imported from Thailand. Thai vegetables, fruits, and exotic spices make Shwapno a perfect grocery store for those who like to cook different cuisines.

Shwapno is a favorite place for makeup enthusiasts as well. A wide range of imported cosmetic items such as skincare, and hair care products is available here. Stationary and sports item collection along with clothes makes Shwapno a complete market.

If you want to reach out to your nearest Shwapno outlet, then you can look it up here. The number attached to each address will help you know more specific details of the outlet.

3. Unimart

If you are wondering what is the best grocery shop in Dhaka for meats and veggies, then Unimart is what you are looking for. Unimart is not only a popular online super shop, rather it is a huge market in a literal sense. With 40,000 sq. ft floor space Unimart has acquired the title of ‘Hypermarket’.

Both imported and local products are available here. But the thing about Unimart that makes it one of the best online grocery shops in Dhaka is its storage filled with fresh vegetables, fish, and meats. They have many other top-quality products available as well.

Unimart has three outlets in Dhaka. You can find them in the following locations.

  • Gulshan Centre Point: +8801966550088
  • Dhanmondi: +880 1966-880099
  • Wari: +8801847413757

4. Chaldal

In case you are looking for the best online grocery shop in Bangladesh, then Chaldal is the one. It is exclusively an online grocery shop. Though it is currently active only in Dhaka, Chattogra, and Jashore, it will deliver all around the country soon.

This completely online-based Bangladeshi grocery store provides any type of grocery item you may need. From pet food to daily necessities, they have it all. With fast deliveries, you will get top-notch quality products from them.

Chaldal was founded in 2013. Since then, it has been delivering satisfying products to its customers. But this is not all that’s keeping customers happy. They constantly give out amazing offers and discounts on grocery products. If you live in Dhaka, Chattogram, or Jashore, then try out Chaldal here.

5. FoodPanda

This one is rather unusual and unique. Firstly, Foodpanda is not focused on groceries, nor is it a grocery store. But it works just like it in every way. Unlike all the other options discussed above, Foodpanda covers all 64 districts in Bangladesh. On top of that, Foodpanda promises to provide all types of fresh and genuine grocery products right at your doorstep.

FoodPanda saves you loads of money as well. Its cheap delivery charge comes with huge discounts, offers, and deals on various grocery products. So if you shop on Foodpanda, you are guaranteed to save a few bucks.

Check out the products you want in your area here. If the items are available near you, then you surely will find them on FoodPanda. From this aspect, it is the best online grocery shop in Bangladesh.

And with this these were the best grocery stores in Bangladesh.


Quality products along with a wide variety to choose from are what people need. The abundance of such collections is growing day by day. But the abundance of something means that it is easy to pick up the wrong choice.

This is why we recommend you follow our list of the best grocery stores in Bangladesh. If you consider our pick, then you will surely get the best quality of whatever product you need. In addition, you will get those products at the best deal possible. So do give our choices a go.

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