Top 5 Freelancers and Bloggers in Bangladesh

Top 5 Freelancers and Bloggers in Bangladesh

In this modern world, Freelancing is taking the youths by storm. In the 21st century, freelancing is a great and innovative way to start earning just by sitting at home. They say, “never do any work for free if you are good at it” and by freelancing you can make those words come true.

After Covid hit us on its way people are becoming keener on the freelancing sector and trying to explore this part of the corporate world.

Bangladesh is showing great potential in the field of freelancing.

There are different freelancing sites; such as Upwork,, and Fiverr that are quite popular and trustworthy.

Some might research how it’s done and some might take inspiration from professionals.

So, for those who look out for motivation, this article is the one where we would discuss-

Top 5 Freelancers in Bangladesh

1. Nahid Akhter – This Bangladeshi citizen brought up in Dubai is among the few top-class freelancers on Upwork. She is the only person who has made it into one of the freelance community’s prime bloggers. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Al Ghurair University.

Nahid Akhter has a 100% success in job success score from Bangladesh. According to the interview she has given with The Financial Express – the basic skill that a freelancer need is self-discipline which got her to the top.

You have got to push yourself to escalate your success rate. She also suggested choosing a line of work wisely which will be more futuristic for the new freelancers out there. Her advice to the newcomers was to be patient and start with minimal and easy-to-do jobs.

She was a teacher in her former life before freelancing.

There we talked about the topmost freelancer in Bangladesh and how she suggests newcomers enter this industry. Now we’ll discuss the top Bangladeshi Freelancers on renowned platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr.

Upwork: It’s a legitimate freelance marketplace for bloggers and freelancers which helps them to connect with clients. This site is trustworthy and has proven to benefit a lot of freelancer wanderers by giving them a platform.

2. Shajedul H. – Up next is Shajedul H. who has 96% job success in the freelancing platform Upwork. He is an expert flyer, brochure, and business card, designer. With 7 years of experience, he is competent in graphic design. He is taking $9.50 per hour and he does his work on a professional level.

He aims to provide high-quality work that’ll satisfy the clients and sharpen his skills in design.

His areas of expertise are-

  • PSD to WordPress Theme and site development
  • WordPress Plugin Development
  • WordPress theme customization
  • Woocommerce integration and customization
  • PSD to HTML5, HTML
  • PSD to Responsive HTML Site Development

3. Nazmul H. – Nazmul H. is a WordPress expert on the freelancing platform Upwork with a 100% Job Success Score. Since 2009, he has been working as a freelance web developer. He charges $11 per hour and is an experienced web developer. In his Bio on Upwork, he states that he is looking for long-term cooperation that’ll provide exact quotes and timelines for the given projects. Service he has been providing-

  • Flyer design
  • Brochure Design
  • Business Card Design
  • Catalog Design
  • Logo Design
  • Mockup Design
  • Menu Design

4. Mansura A – She holds a Master’s degree and has completed her post-graduate chemistry studies at the University of Bonn, Germany. She is an expert in proofreading, editing, transcribing, and subtitling. Except for that, she’s a content writer with a 100% Job Score on Upwork. She is an experienced translator and also a volunteer translator for Translator Without Borders (TWB).

She charges $20 per hour according to work type.

Fiverr: Since 2013 Bangladeshi freelancers have formed the largest community on Fiverr. Fiverr offers professional freelancers and bloggers the to showcase their professionality in an open marketplace.

Every category of work has its value. Video marketing and website building are some of the top-grossing criteria that most freelancers work on.

5. Ahad Imran – Lastly, Ahad Imran is a freelancer working on the platform Fiverr. He is a level-one seller in this marketplace. He mainly does transcription. He guarantees of providing his work which has thorough research. This promising freelancer does the job accurately and on time.

He also does data entry and analysis accurately. He did his bachelor’s in Economy from Khulna University, Bangladesh. The language he has been working on is Hindi, Bangla, and English.

Bangladesh is advancing in the Freelancing sector. People are leaning forward toward freelancing nowadays.

Freelancing is creating a scope for skilled persons sitting at home and providing them with a job that they’re good at.

Youths in Bangladesh are now more interested in Freelancing. For newcomers, it is a great opportunity.

This article is to motivate young minds as well as people who have lost their jobs. Your talent is never wasted in this modern world if you have to freelance to find your way out.

And freelancing is not something that you’ll get a hold of quite easily. You have to keep your patience and invest your precious time to learn and furnish the talents you adhere to yourself.

How to Begin Online Freelancing?

As a new potential in the freelancing field, people need to do some grinding to reach the top.

#1. Be determined

Be determined for yourself and the work you are going to start. Be prepared to stick with the decision you have taken and then enter the world of possibilities.

#2. Choose a particular field of expertise

It’s quite obvious that every person has some area of expertise regarding technology. In this free marketplace of freelancing, there are a lot of fields to work on and you need to choose one of them.

Some mention-able fields are:

  • Graphic Design
  • Content Writing
  • Creative Design
  • Transcribing
  • Copywriting
  • Web Development
  • Data Analysis Professionals
  • Logo Design
  • Social Media Advisor

Apart from the fields mentioned above, you’ll have many other options and you have to find out which path you’ll be choosing for yourself.

#3. Sharpen the chosen skill

After you have selected a specific field now you have to select work according to its credibility.

You can watch tutorials on YouTube and take help from google, yahoo and find out about the scope in that area. In Bangladesh, many outsourcing centers will train you. If you want you can join and learn some basics of outsourcing there.

#4. Build your portfolio

The portfolio is formed with your previous work history and documentation of your work. That can be some writing or a design that you made. This will give your clients a clear idea about your work and they’ll be more interested to work with you.

#5. Join Freelancing Sites

Now that you are ready, you can join freelancing or outsourcing websites (e.g.,,, and many other platforms).

Earn Money Through Blogging in Bangladesh

Another amazing way of earning in the present times is by blogging.

Blogging is a trending source of income in Bangladesh and youths are more leaned toward blogging.

It’s all about networks and popularity which doesn’t come in a day. Few people in the blogging industry of Bangladesh; work hard for growing in popularity and with the help of their blogging skills. Few of them are delivering quality content to the audience and followers.

How do bloggers earn money through blogging?

One of the popular methods of earning money through blogging is advertisements.

If a blogger uses popular advertisement network ads on their blog then they are paid according to cost per thousand impressions or cost per mile (CPM) and per cost per click (CPC) method which is determined by how many audiences have clicked on the ads.

The website owners are paid according to how many peoples have seen their ads on the respective profiles of the bloggers too.

Instagram bloggers are the most followed people nowadays and their content is the most talked about. You can blog about fashion, lifestyle, pets, newborns, food, health, parenting, etc.

Blogging is extremely practiced and has proven to be an effective medium to create creative content.

Top 5 Bloggers in Bangladesh

1. Afsana Khan Tura – She is a fashion and lifestyle blogger. Do promotions of small and big businesses circulate on Instagram? She also posts reviews of the PRs that she receives. The average number of likes on her Instagram page is approximately 2k.

2. Sunehra Tasnim – Sunehra Tasnim is a renowned face in the blogger community with 134k followers on Instagram. She is a Freelance Content Creator. She does ads and modeling. Also reviews products that she receives in PRs.

3. Madhobi Lota – She is a Bangladeshi Fashion blogger. She also gives health advice as she is a doctor by profession. She uses this platform to spread awareness. She also does skincare on her blog.

4. Iftekhar Rafsan – Mostly known as Rafsan the “Chotobhai”. He is a food blogger and a full-time YouTuber. He creates creative content and videos related to foods all around Bangladesh.

5. Fahrin Zannat Faiza – Known as Khuda lagse (I’m Hungry; in English term). Faiza Farin is a famous food blogger and digital creator. She reviews food items. And, recently she has been doing skincare and travel vlogs too.

The future of blogging or freelancing in Bangladesh is taking a toll. And people are keener to do work sitting in the comfort of home since the lockdown has taken over our lives.

These top freelancers and bloggers did not earn their success in a day. It takes dedication, time, hard work, and commitment. And for people seeking motivation, this article has every ingredient to find some.

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