Top online shopping sites In Bangladesh

Top 16 Online Shopping Sites In Bangladesh

Bangladesh is slowly creating a culture of shopping online. With an affordable internet connection, everyone is showing interest in online shopping. Many online shopping platforms are being noticed day by day. Here you can get the top 16 online shopping website lists in Bangladesh.

Except for Daraz, Rokomari, or FoodPanda, here you’ll see lots of unknown but exceptional online platforms for shopping. At a reasonable price, you can easily purchase from them anytime and get delivery anywhere. They simplify your shopping experience and provide discounts as well just like the other shops in the market.

To get acquainted with all the e-commerce platforms for shopping, scroll down the page and deal with the sites that come to your liking.

Why Consider Online Shopping in Bangladesh?

You can see hundreds of items at a glance through an online shopping platform. With that being said, there are so many shops you can visit at a time. Furthermore, Bangladeshi shopping sites provide lots of discounts now and then.

Online shopping also gets you the privilege to buy things of your choice. There won’t be any shopkeepers to convince you to buy their stuff.

And last but not least, you don’t have to get dressed and travel every time you are willing to purchase. A super quick delivery service will get your things home only with one click.

16 Best Online Shopping Sites in Bangladesh

Around 50 million people are now using the internet in Bangladesh. And the number of online e-commerce sites is also noticeable.

Lots of people rely on online shopping as well. So, here we demonstrate the 16 most authentic online e-commerce sites so that you can also rely on online shopping. You’ll have detailed information about all of them.

1. Daraz

best online shopping website in Bangladesh: Daraz
Best online shopping website in Bangladesh: Daraz

Best For: Multiple Products
Delivery Charge: 50 Tk (Inside Dhaka), 70 Tk (Outside Dhaka)
Delivery Duration: 2-4 days (Inside Dhaka), 5-8 days (Outside Dhaka)
Delivery Area: Nationwide
Payment Options: Bkash, DBBL, Rocket, Nagad, Cash on Delivery.

Daraz is the most popular and leading online website in Bangladesh. It sells a variety of products regarding fashion, beauty, health, home appliances, electronics, toys, sports, etc. It is 100% reliable for customers and provides a return option as well.

You can purchase from Daraz through multiple payment methods. They deliver your product within 2-4 days inside Dhaka. And if you are outside the capital, you have to wait around one week.

If you find a product faulty, you can return it within 7 days. They provide a cash-on-delivery service and a cashback offer if you pay through Bkash.

Site link –

2. Chaldal

Best online grocery shopping website in Bangladesh:
Best online grocery shopping website in Bangladesh:

Best For: Groceries
Delivery Charge: 19 Tk
Delivery Duration: 4-7 hours
Delivery Area: Nationwide
Payment Options: Credit cards, bKash, or cash on the delivery

Chaldal is vastly popular for grocery shopping. The site is user-friendly as it gives proper attention to its customers. You can see various products in Chaldal. Starting from fruits, and beverages, to vegetables, fish, and meat, along with kitchen cleaning appliances, everything is available there.

Currently, Chaldal offers a free delivery service for over 200 Tk orders (Chaldal delivery charge is BDT 19 for every order). Furthermore, there are lots of promotional discounts as well. You can get a 3% discount on your first purchase on Chaldal. This site has an app too and the payment method is also simple as it receives payment through Bkash or cash on delivery.

Site link –

3. Rokomari

Best online book shop in Bangladesh:
Best online book shop in Bangladesh:

Best For: Book
Delivery Charge: 100 Tk
Delivery Duration: 24 hours
Delivery Area: Inside Dhaka
Payment Options: Cash on Delivery, Card Payment, Mobile Payment, Internet Payment.

Rokomari is the first online bookstore in Bangladesh. They provide a wide range of books to customers. Whether it’s academic or literature, books of every genre are most likely available there.

This site has a 3 days return policy. You can use Rokomari to give your loved ones any book at any time. They take payment through Cash on Delivery to bKash, Visa, Payza, DBBL, etc.

Site link –

4. KhaasFood

Best online food shop in Bangladesh:
Best online food shop in Bangladesh:

Best For: Fruits
Delivery Charge: 30-50 Tk (Inside Dhaka), 100-150 tk (Outside Dhaka)
Delivery Duration: 1-2 days (Inside Dhaka), 2-3 days (Outside Dhaka)
Delivery Area: Nationwide
Payment Options: Mobile wallet, Bank, Bkash, Cash on Delivery

Khasfood is committed to providing the best quality product to its customers. Mostly organic items are always available there. Milk, honey, sugar, various forms of oil, masala, Jam & Jelly, puffed rice, flour, nuts, and even dry fish are their regular stocks along with seasonal fruits. You can get the fresh item from them as they are responsible for any fault in their product.

If your order is over 1000 Tk, you can get free home delivery from them. When you visit the site you’ll see various packages and free offers to grab. You can enlighten your shopping by taking their offers and paying them through simple payment methods like Bkash, or cash on delivery. There is also a refund option as well.

Site link –

5. PriyoShop

Trusted online shopping site in Bangladesh
Trusted online shopping site in Bangladesh

Best For: Multiple Products
Delivery Charge: 50 Tk (Inside Dhaka), 100 Tk (Outside Dhaka)
Delivery Duration: 24 hours (Inside Dhaka), 1-2 days (Outside Dhaka)
Delivery Area: Nationwide
Payment Options: Bkash, Paypal, Cash on Delivery, Master Cards, etc.

PriyoShop recently became popular amongst a group of people. It’s a reliable platform for online shopping that focuses on multiple products. You can buy products of every category from them such as jewelry, accessories, electronics, clothing, footwear, appliances, books, restaurants, health & beauty, etc.

PriyoShop offers delivery within 2 days inside Dhaka while it takes 3-4 days outside Dhaka. There’s a replacement policy of 3 days that gives you a guarantee of getting the best product possible. You can pay them through PayPal, Bkash, Visa, American Express, or master cards.

Site link –

6. Othoba

Best For: Lifestyle Products
Delivery Charge: 50 Tk
Delivery Duration: Same-day delivery
Delivery Area: Inside Dhaka
Payment Options: Bkash, DBBL, Cash on Delivery

Othoba is created by the Pran-RFL group that sells various products including furniture, groceries, fruits, jewelry, electronics, clothing, etc. They stock ample items that you need in your daily life. They offer a 7 days return policy with cash on delivery privilege. Once you visit their site, you may have to create an account and then you can go shopping.

Site link –

7. AjkerDeal

Best For: Electronics products
Delivery Charge: 100 Tk
Delivery Duration: 24 hours
Delivery Area: Nationwide
Payment Options: Bkash, DBBL, Master Card, and Visa Card. is the newest sensation because of its brilliant promotional strategy. Ajkerdeal is well-known on the internet for its social media marketing and the selection of Mashrafe Mortaza as its brand ambassador.

Ajkerdeal provides a wide range of consumer goods at affordable prices. If you use the bKash payment method, the website offers cashback rates ranging from 10% to 50%.

By simply publishing the booking code or POD number on the internet, you can also check the progress of your orders. They accept several different forms of payment, including cash on delivery, bKash, DBBL, Master Card, and Visa Card.

Site link –

8. FoodPanda

Best For: Food
Delivery Charge: 50 to 70 Tk
Delivery Duration: 30 mins
Delivery Area: Nationwide
Payment Options: COD, Visa/Mastercard, Bkash.

FoodPanda is a well-known online grocery delivery business in Bangladesh as well as the Asian area. Most of Bangladesh’s main cities have access to it. Within 30 minutes, it brings your chosen food items from more than 2000 restaurants and grocery stores to your door.

Because their software is accessible through the Play Store and the App Store, the ordering process is very simple. Simply put your address, navigate to the restaurants or shops page, browse your favorite shops, choose your purchase, and complete the checkout process. All year long, FoodPanda provides a variety of promo codes and deals.

COD, Visa/Mastercard, Bkash, and more payment options are available in Pandamart.

Site link –

9. Pickaboo

Best For: Gadgets
Delivery Charge: 40 Tk (Inside Dhaka), 60 Tk (Outside Dhaka)
Delivery Duration: 24 hours
Delivery Area: Nationwide
Payment Options: Bkash, Cash on delivery.

Pickaboo is available for all those tech and gadget nerds. Pickaboo, which focuses entirely on electric and technological things, has established itself among Bangladeshi customers. It has all the electric appliances you need, from the bedroom air conditioner to the kitchen oven.

You can pay Pickaboo through various payment methods such as Bkash, Cash on delivery, online payments, and swipe on delivery. Pickaboo offers a 3-day return policy from the delivery date for any goods with certain restrictions.

Site link –

10. Shadmart

Best For: Gadgets
Delivery Charge: Depends on your orders
Delivery Duration: 8-10 days
Delivery Area: Worldwide
Payment Options: Visa, Master, Amex, Union Pay, Bkash, and Debit/Credit Card

Shadmart offers hassle-free purchasing for its clients. They domestically and internationally ship goods. Although Bangladesh does not have any Shadmart showrooms, customers can visit their experience center to view the selection of products. Customers can judge the quality and robustness of the products by visiting the center.

Their website features a variety of goods, including clothing for men and women, housewares, electronics, home gadgets, office supplies, and automobile accessories. Products from brand names like Bosch, Dumex, Prada, Reebok, and more are available there.

They ship your item to Bangladesh once it has undergone quality assurance. The delivery of the goods to your door takes 8–10 business days. Since they ship from foreign locations, they take local bKash, bank transfers, debit/credit cards (including Visa, Master, Amex, and Union Pay), and online banking services as forms of payment.

Site link –

11. Fabrilife (Fashion)

Best For: Clothing
Delivery Charge: 60-100 Tk
Delivery Duration: 48 hours
Delivery Area: Nationwide
Payment Options: Visa, Master Card, DBBL Nexus, Bkash.

Fabrilife is the first and biggest print-on-demand t-shirt company in Bangladesh. You can select a shirt from its sizable selection designed with a variety of layouts from every genre, including movies, music, sports, and more. The general public from all over the world outsources the available designs. Alternatively, you might submit your design and receive your preferred shirt with superb quality.

Fabrilife provides both domestic and international shipping. They take cash on delivery, debit/credit cards (Visa, Master Card, DBBL Nexus, etc.), and mobile banking (BKash, Rocket) as payment options. Depending on where you live, the shipping price ranges from 60 to 100 tk. They assert having the quickest order processing and best delivery method possible.

Site link –

12. Jogaan

Best For: Grocery shopping
Delivery Charge: 50 Tk
Delivery Duration: 2-3 hours
Delivery Area: Inside Dhaka
Payment Options: Visa, American Express, MasterCard.

Jogaan aims to digitize grocery shopping with the slogan “Digital Deshe, Digital Bazar.” Jogaan contains practically everything you might need for daily life, from stationery to kitchen supplies. And the best part is that they frequently have sales and discounts.

Jogaan guarantees three-hour delivery of your orders using both cash-on-delivery and online payment methods. Ordering in Jogaan is simple. All you need to do is give them a picture of your grocery list, and they will handle the rest.

Jogaan could be your best place for regular shopping.

Site link –

13. ShoppersBD

Best For: Household items
Delivery Charge: 100-150 Tk
Delivery Duration: 2-4 days
Delivery Area: Inside Dhaka
Payment Options: bKash, Brac Bank, DBBL, City Bank, and Visa or MasterCard.

Online consumers are likewise becoming more and more concerned about ShoppersBD. Everything you need is right here, from apparel to gadgets, from household items to cosmetics. However, the website’s user interface is not particularly outstanding and the classification is a little old. Additionally, other options—like the return policy, terms, and conditions—don’t work.

But, a variety of payment options are available through ShoppersBD, including Cash on Delivery, bKash, Brac Bank, DBBL, City Bank, and Visa or MasterCard.

Site link –

14. WalCart

Best For: Electronic devices
Delivery Charge: 60 to 100 Tk depending on your product.
Delivery Duration: 1-5 days (Inside Dhaka), 5-10 days (Outside Dhaka)
Delivery Area: Nationwide
Payment Options: Visa, MasterCard, BKash, Rocket

The Walton group is the creator of Walcart. Given that it debuted in 2021, it is relatively new in the internet retail industry.

It offers more than 100 categories, including ones for food, electronics, home goods, and fashion and lifestyle. There are seller ratings mentioned for each product. Before placing an order, we advise you to look them through. It offers customer support all around the clock and has an easy return and refund policy.

However, their delivery procedure takes a while. It takes 1 to 5 days within Dhaka and 5 to 10 days outside of Dhaka. Grocery deliveries are the lone exception, which are made the same day as the order. Payment methods include Walton Gift Cards, Visa, MasterCard, BKash, Rocket, and more.

Site link –


Best For: Multiple products
Delivery Charge: 10% of the products’ prize
Delivery Duration: 72 hours
Delivery Area: Nationwide
Payment Options: BKash, Cash On Delivery, and Visa/Mastercard.

BDSHOP.COM is an online store run by BDSP. It offers real consumer electronics, clothes, and home goods for sale. As it offers comprehensive information on the products, this website focuses mostly on product expertise and content.

You don’t need to be concerned about purchasing fake or counterfeit goods because it exclusively sells genuine things, and that too for a fair price. Its excellent customer service is its specialty. While placing a purchase, you can inquire about the product’s technical support. Additionally, it offers after-sale support. In addition, BD SHOP produces expert videos and reviews for your benefit.

Both home and courier delivery options are available. Within 24 to 72 hours, delivery will be made. You will receive free delivery if your order is over 10,000 BDT and under 2 kg in weight. It accepts a variety of payment methods, including American Express, BKash, Cash On Delivery, and Visa/Mastercard.

Site link –

16. Monarch Mart

Best new eCommerce platform in Bangladesh
Best new eCommerce platform in Bangladesh

Best For: Multiple Products
Delivery Charge: Varies depending on the order
Delivery Duration: Within 10 working days
Delivery Area: Nationwide
Payment Options: Cash on delivery, Credit or Debit Card.

Monarch Mart is a new eCommerce platform that’ll change your online shopping experience. National cricketer Shakib Al Hasan is the chairman of this company so you don’t have to worry about the reliability issue. Furthermore, the product you’ll get from them will hardly have any fault.

This site sells various items such as automotive parts, electric devices, fashion, health and beauty items, music, books, pet supplies, groceries, home appliances, music, books, pet supplies, toys, games, etc.

Within 10 working days, they’ll deliver your product following government law and policy. The delivery charge of them varies depending on your product and you have to pay a 10% advance for orders valued at 2000 plus Taka.

Site link –

Things to Remember While Shopping Online in Bangladesh

Despite the privilege of everything, some online shops will con you by selling damaged or unauthentic products. But they can’t play their tricks if you’re smarter than them and cautious as ever. Below is some advice you should remember to make safe shopping online.

#1 Choose Known Retailers

There can be some unauthorized stores. So you have to choose the right sites. But how would you know if it’s right? For this, you have to go for a prominent name.

Also, you can check a site’s reviews on their Facebook pages or visit them regularly to confirm they are professional. You can check the website’s traffic as well through the google search console. Many tools can help you to see any website’s visiting members. The site that has a lot of visitors is surely the authentic one.

#2 Choose the Right Payment Method

Cash on delivery is always the right and safest payment method for everyone. If the website from where you are buying has the cash-on-delivery option then go for it. However, not everyone offers this service but choose one who offers it.

If you receive a wrong or damaged product you can simply return it and there will be no worry about a refund. After receiving the product you can make payment through anything like Cash, Bkash, Rocket, Nagad, or Credit Cards.

#3 Don’t Receive Inappropriate Packaging

Online shopping can be complex in the sense that you don’t get to see your product while it’s the packaging. You have to choose them via image and you don’t know what they are packaging for you. So, don’t receive any wrecked packaging you get from the delivery boy. As we’ve suggested you go for the cash on delivery, and you don’t have to worry about the refund as well.

#4 Use Secure Connection and Password

Hackers are always looking to attack sensitive connections. If you are using a public network for online shopping, there’s a chance that your product will go to a hacker’s place. More importantly, if you pay them via a credit card with the help of public wifi, worst-case scenario, your card’s pin will likely get leaked.

The password you provide to the online sites to create your accounts, always ensure you are providing a strong password. Birthdate or nickname is the easiest password to hack. So, keep this thing in mind while shopping online.

#5 Don’t Give Unnecessary Information

If you see a website asking for more information than usual. Their strategy is that they want to know a certain amount of things about you and want to show you things according to your liking. But sometimes, it is risky to share more information. Don’t provide data other than Name, Email, Phone, Address, and Payment method.

Final Words

So, which site do you consider dealing with? We suggest selecting different websites for different shopping. As we’ve shown you a vast online shopping website list in Bangladesh, you can make a good selection by exploring them. And don’t forget to be cautious about mentioned things while shopping.

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