Top 10 Food Bloggers in Bangladesh

Top 10 Food Bloggers in Bangladesh

Food blogging is a popular trend in Bangladesh, where many people love to explore different cuisines and share their opinions and experiences online. Whether you are looking for some mouth-watering recipes, honest restaurant reviews, or tips and tricks on how to enjoy food more, you can find plenty of inspiration from the top food bloggers in Bangladesh. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best food bloggers in Bangladesh who have a large and loyal following on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and their websites.

These food bloggers are not only passionate about food, but also creative, entertaining, and informative. They will make you hungry for more with their stunning photos, videos, and stories.

Social media has made food blogging a well-known trend. Many of us spend some time watching food reviews on Facebook. Youngsters and couples in Bangladesh have started posting food-related videos on Facebook and YouTube, mainly reviews and vlogs.

Before visiting a venue, most foodies check the menu, price, and surroundings. However, food bloggers on YouTube made lives simple. They discuss their thoughts on the food and décor of the locations. The top food bloggers in Bangladesh are listed below.

Top 10 Food Vloggers in Bangladesh

  1. Rafsan The Chotobhai
  2. Petuk Couple
  3. Khuda Lagse
  4. Joltan BD
  5. Khai
  6. Bangladeshi Food reviewer
  7. MetroMan
  8. Foodeism
  9. Adnan Faruque
  10. Street Food Hunting

1. Rafsan The Chotobhai

Rafsan TheChotoBhai

A boy with his dashing outlook and cool attitude made his name a brand name, “Rafsan The Chotobhai.” He now has 1.27M subscribers and 127 videos on his channel. Initially, he was an Esports streamer and is now a successful food blogger in Bangladesh.

Without a doubt, Iftekhar Rafsan, also known as “Rafsan the ChotoBhai,” is one of the most well-known content creators in the country and people. Always cheerful youngster reimagined what food blogging in Bangladesh may look like.

His most recent videos have attracted an unusually high number of viewers for a local food vlogger. He prefers to term himself as an entertainer than a food blogger.

He wins many awards as appreciation for his success in mainstream award ceremonies. His dialect is so catchy and attractive. The audience loves to watch him and his content.

2. Petuk Couple

Petuk Couple

The “Petuk Couple,” also known as Rasif Shafique and Ridhima Khan Ipsha, are the epicures among Bangladeshi YouTubers who best meet our definition.

Millions of people share the couple’s informative and happy entertainment online across platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Petuk Couple has 733K subscribers and 216 videos. Couple vlogging somehow became a sensation over the years.

People love to watch couples’ daily vlogs, food reviews, and travel stories. Due to their appealing personalities and vast data, they have been identified as influencers on social media.

Patek Couple is one of the famous names in the era of food blogging in recent times.

3. Khuda Lagse

Khuda Lagse

Faiza, a decent girl started a channel named Khuda Lagse with her food blogging. She used to compare foods among restaurants and tell people about the comparison.

One of Bangladesh’s fastest-growing food vlogging channels on YouTube with 589K subscribers.

Fahrin Zannat Faiza launched this Channel in July 2019 after being motivated by Salman Sadi, who is continually working behind the camera.

The culinary video producer previously used Facebook and Instagram to post food photographs, but her boyfriend gave her advice and assisted with the development of the vlogging channel.

One of this food review channel’s most well-liked programs, “Worth it?,” asks Fahrin if she thinks a specific cuisine is good enough to eat or not.

Street Food, Food Delivery, and Restaurants in Gulshan and Dhanmondi are a few other well-liked programs. In addition, the Channel just began vlogging and rating hotels.

4. Zoltan BD

Zoltan Bd

One of the creators of Zoltan Bd and a food vlogger named Nusrat Islam is an expert on your taste buds.

She is unquestionably one of the country’s most well-known food bloggers because of her Channel on youtube and social media profiles that include descriptions and reviews of exotic dishes and local specialties from all over the country. Zoltan BD has 57.9K subscribers.

5. Khai-Dai.Com

The food review YouTube channel,, launched in May 2016. Khaled has an idea about food recipes and cooking videos.

But, there was no general review or commentary from a customer’s perspective. Then he decided to work and fill in this void.

They used to post a video of a particular restaurant and its food. Khaled Saifullah focuses on different kinds of food around Bangladesh. The Channel became popular within a short period.

Video content on street food to review restaurants offering foreign cuisines to local delicacies is evaluated in this Channel. He tries to upload new videos every week.

6. Bangladeshi Food Reviewer

One of Bangladesh’s most well-known food review networks, Bangladeshi Food Reviewer, launched in February 2018. Mahathir Muhammad Fahim, a food reviewer who worked for the government, requested more time to travel and explore.

He eventually quit his work to pursue a more unconventional professional path. For those who like biriyani, there is a well-liked piece called “Biriyani Review.”

In addition, he records food vlogs in various parts of the country. Bangladeshi Food Reviewer intends to visit every corner of Bangladesh and vlog about regional specialties.

7. MetroMan

Another good food-related YouTube channel from Bangladesh is MetroMan. Shahriar Rabbi and Kazi Tahsin Tonmoy, two content creators, have produced videos on various food vlogging subjects since November 2017.

In the beginning, humorous and entertaining video content predominated on social media platforms for sharing videos.

The creators of MetroMan originally intended to launch a lighthearted channel, but they subsequently changed course, and MetroMan is what it is now a food blogging channel.

MetroMan’s restaurant review series is very well-known and trendy. Suppose you are interested in meals from Dhanmondi, Mirpur, Savar, Chittagong, and other locations; you can check their videos for information such as where to go and what to eat.

In addition, MetroMan has recently begun analyzing resort food offerings and offering an opinion on the resort’s general ambiance.

8. Foodiesm

Foodiesm is a comparatively new channel to others in this list. Fariha is a youngster with a familiar face; she goes to places everyone can afford. She communicates with the owners to know about the ingredients used in the food.

Then, she briefs about the recipe, food, menu, and price. She has earned the hearts of millions of people with her distinctive presentation, speediness, and entertaining videos.

To keep audiences engaged, Fariha stated she attempts to provide entertainment in addition to food reviews.

9. Adnan Faruque

Actor to YouTuber Adnan Faruque Hillol has made the transition. He is a frequent YouTube food vlogger who has gained popularity among people from all over the globe, not only Bangalees.

Hillol noticed that YouTube had a few food vlogging videos in Bangla as he uploaded the videos. Moreover, only a handful of people were doing it from abroad.

As a result, Hillel’s videos started gaining views, bumping his interest. Hillel’s Channel, Adnan Faruque, has more than seven lakh subscribers and his videos get over a million views.

Even though he did not get sponsors when he initially started, he does get them now. As a result, he gets contacted by various companies almost regularly.

10. Street Food Hunting

Shamim owns the Channel named street food hunting. Now, Street food hunting has 148K subscribers with 1511 videos. He explores street food and makes videos on them. His presentation is straightforward to understand. He roams with a bunch of people, and they discuss among themselves. He mainly focuses on street foods on the Dhaka University campus. The food quality, prices, and other sorts of food-related discussions are the core content of his food vlogs.

A food blogger often does not work for a mainstream media organization but instead posts content on different topics related to food on their website and other social media accounts. This includes experimenting with recipes in their homes, eating different meals, or dining at specific establishments.

They are more socially engaged and operate as social influencers rather than hiding their faces. They may not be paid directly for their blogs, but they can make money via sponsorships and monetization.


We hope you enjoyed this article and learned more about the top food bloggers in Bangladesh. These food bloggers are not only experts in their field but also influencers who have a positive impact on the food culture and industry in Bangladesh. They showcase the diversity and richness of Bangladeshi cuisine, as well as introduce their followers to new and exciting dishes from around the world. If you are looking for some food inspiration in Bangladesh, make sure to follow these food bloggers and get ready to drool over their delicious content. Bon appetit!

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