The Top 3 User-Friendly Accounting Applications for Small & Medium Businesses Solutions

The Top 3 User-Friendly Accounting Applications for Small & Medium Businesses Solutions

These three user-friendly accounting software solutions will assist users in much more effectively managing the accounting feature. A user-friendly accounting system is easy to use and automates activities like reconciling bank statements and preparing financial reports, making complicated accounting procedures easier to manage.

It also allows users to keep correct financial records, such as bills and invoices, and determine the financial health of their businesses.

It can be difficult to find a value in the new that is not always simple to use but also satisfy the requirements and budget. To assist users, they combed through customer reviews of accounting software on Capterra to find the solutions with the highest sentiment score for ease of use.

Although after considering the sentiment score to be a numerical measure of people’s emotions. There is a scale that measures how positive or negative user reviews of a product or its features are.

On a scale of 0 (negative) to 10, products with rave reviews receive a high score, lukewarm reviews receive a midrange score, and mediocre reviews receive a low score (positive).

The Top 3 User-Friendly Solutions
The Top 3 User-Friendly Solutions


Sentiment score on FreshBooks: 6.19 (out of 10), 741 reviews mentioned “convenience of use.” Positive mentions accounted for 81.4 percent of all the mentions.

FreshBooks is a cloud-based accounting and bookkeeping program that allows users to generate a variety of reports, including profit and loss, sales tax review, account aging, bill, and payment collection reports. Invoicing, cost control, cash flow management, and time monitoring are some of the other main features.

Double-entry accounting is one of FreshBooks’ simple-to-use features, according to Capterra buyer reviews. It helps users to build and maintain balance sheets, recurring invoices, trial balance books, general ledgers, journal entries, and accounts payable and receivable.

Other easy-to-use features listed by users include invoicing, recurring subscriptions, and expense monitoring.


Sentiment score on Managers: 6.17 (out of 10). In reviews, the term “ease of use” was listed 33 times. Positive mentions account for 89.4 percent of all mentions.

Accounts receivables and payables, bank reconciliation, inventory management, and reporting are among the features of Manager, a business accounting software solution. It can be used both on-premises and in the cloud.

The manager’s cashbook management functionality is appreciated by Capterra users for its ease of use. It helps companies to track their petty cash fund and cash register, as well as shop receipts, and make bank-to-cash transfers.

Other features that users like for their ease of use include purchasing, invoicing, and reporting.

AccountEdge Pro

Sentiment score on AccountEdge Pro: 6.06 (out of 10). In ratings, there are 25 mentions of “ease of use.” Positive mentions account for 90.6 percent of all mentions.

AccountEdge Pro is an on-premise accounting system that allows customers to have higher their banking, credit card, and expense accounts, as well as create recurring transactions, track reimbursements, and keep track of asset, liability, equity, and income records.

One of AccountEdge Pro’s easy-to-use functionality, according to buyer feedback on Capterra, is reporting. It allows users to analyze financial data to generate different reports for tracking the health of their company, such as benefits, operating balances, and turnover reports.

Other software features that reviewers find convenient to use include inventory monitoring, billing, and invoicing.