Online Pet Accessories Shop Around Dhaka For New Cat Owners

Who doesn’t want to adorn their cats with beautiful cute accessories? Those of you who have one or more than one cats could relate to this. We all love cats, don’t we? The little furballs that bring joy into our lives also deserve to be pampered most adorably. In Bangladesh, it’s quite tough to reach the shops that are truly dedicated to pet foods and accessories.

The pet industry is huge and it’s fast-growing in Bangladesh as well. But it’s now easy to get your hands on pet foods and accessories than before.

If you are a new cat parent things must be difficult for you to find. I am here to make your life easier and better by guiding you on the path of an enlighted cat parent.

It’s time to do some window shopping so your new pet has everything they need from the start. It can be overwhelming if you are a first-time pet parent but you got this!

In the article, online pet accessories shop around Dhaka for new cat owners; I’m going to discuss online stores that sell pet accessories for your cat, and suggest things you need to do as a new cat parent. Hang around to know all about your pet and the things they need.

Products That Can Turn Your Home Into a Cat Playground

While most pet parents can rely on their furry buddies for comfort and love, cat owners understand that the moment they bring a furry buddy home, the house transforms into their cat’s fort.

Humans who live on the premises are now subordinated to the status of humble servants. And, while kitties are notorious for being mischievous, they are also notorious for being easy to please.

Because many people worked from home throughout the lockdown, they took advantage of the possibility to get a beloved pet.

Several studies have found that people who own pets experience fewer problems, such as loneliness and depression, as a result of the emotional support that pet ownership provides.

According to a Fortune Business Insights report, the worldwide pet food market is expected to be worth USD 110.53 billion in 2021. The market is projected to expand from USD 115.50 billion in 2022 to USD 163,70 billion by 2029, at a CAGR of 5.1 percent during the forecast period.

Litter Box

First and foremost you need a litter box for your cat to dump their potty. This is essential and if you are a new cat parent you must buy this tool before buying anything.

Knowing what type of litter box you get varies depending on your cat—not all cats prefer confined boxes, and others require high sides to protect your door frames from urine because sometimes they can aim pretty high.

According to experts, one box should be provided for each cat. If you live in a multistory residence, I would recommend placing a box on each floor.

You can select from a variety of litter box styles. After your cat has used the box, a self-cleaning cat litter box has a system that rakes the dirty litter.

While some owners appreciate the cleaning assistance provided by these boxes, they are quite pricey, and the process can occasionally frighten cats.

It is difficult to locate a litter box. You’ll need a low-traffic place down fast from your cat’s food or water, and ideally, a location where stray odors won’t ruin the mood. Most people are unwilling to give up floor space or a spare room to a waste bin.

Scratch Boards

Cats have a natural desire to scratch, and a cat clawing post can help them fulfill that desire. To prevent the post from tipping over, make sure it has a sturdy base. It must be at least as long as the cat’s height, allowing her to stand on her hind legs and stretch while scratching.

Apart from scratchboards, you can also get scratch pillows for your fur baby. Of their tendency of scratching cats often scratch anything they find near them that’s scratchable.

Because of this the furniture and sleeping pillows often become the victim of their scratching. To prevent your cats from scratching your household equipment you must buy a scratching board or pillow for your little cat.

Food and Water Vessels

You must provide two separate food and water bowls for your kitty and must not mix these two bowls. Two separate stainless steel or earthenware bowls can be enough for pet food and water bowls.

However, if you’re searching for something more elaborate, you’ll be able to find it. Everything from enhanced pots to filtrated water bowls is available at pet stores. Sure, you can always customize your pet’s bowls with his or her name.


Cats enjoy playing, so make sure to provide a wide range of safe toys for your cat. Cats enjoy pouncing as well, so balls and catnip-filled hamsters are excellent choices.

To avoid your cat choking on a toy, avoid giving him stuffed animals with tiny parts that can be ripped off, such as rings, feathers, or pom-poms. Before giving your cat a toy, inspect it to ensure that it is safe for him.

Get some pleasant and appropriate toys on hand for your cat to play with both on their own also with you.

Toys provide physical and mental stimulation while also allowing your cat to engage in innate hunting and hounding behaviors.

Toys that change grain patterns as they are played with are preferred by cats, as they mimic the stem, hold, and kill habits of prey. If your cat appears “bored” with a toy, maybe it does not change when they enjoy it.

Once you have playtime together, interactive toys like “fishing poles” or fluffy wands are especially enjoyable.

Cat Collar and Tags

Often our new pets wander and they might forget the roadway back home. In that case, a cat collar or tag can be an easier option to find them.

Cats are very similar looking to one another so if your pet doesn’t have a collar it might have a higher chance to regain him back.

Your cat should always dress up with a collar including an ID tag on it. The owner’s name, contact info, and home address should be printed on the tag.

If your cat gets stuck on something, such as a tree branch, the collar must have a fully automated release that will detach it. Check that the collar is properly fitting and will not cause irritation on your cat’s neck or interfere with her breathing or swallowing.

A general rule of thumb is to leave enough space between both the neck and the collar for two fingers to fit.

If you’re curious to know what cats need in a new home, these are all necessities that should be on your cat supplies list.

Your kitty will adjust faster if your home is well-prepared, and you’ll soon have a purring, happier-than-ever best friend to pet, play with, and love.

Catnip Filled Toys

Soft catnip toys are enjoyable to kick, carry, and rub. Simple catnip can be pummeled and drizzled on the rug, or on a towel placed on the surface to remove all traces. The catnip oils will remain on the carpet, and even though we can’t see them, your cat will be able to detect them.

Catnip sprays are rarely strong enough to tempt cats. Catnip does not appeal to all cats. Some cats may become overly energized to the stage of aggressive play, whereas others may become slightly sedated.

Kittens under the age of six months appear to be resistant to catnip. Catnip is not addictive and is completely safe for cats to slide in, rub in, or consume.

First Aid Kit for Your Fur Ball

You can get a pet-first kit from the online stores or you can make it on your own. Either way, you must possess a pet first aid kit because our furry little pets can be mischievous at times.

Also, there might come some unwanted accidents or emergencies where you’ll need a first aid box by your side. The following items should be in the pet first aid kit for the starters,

  • Bandages
  • Sterile gauze and pads
  • Antiseptic liquid
  • Adhesive tapes
  • Antibiotics
  • Ointments
  • Tweezers
  • Cotton balls
  • Thermometer
  • Muzzles
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Dewormer Chewable Tablet

You’ll get all the above-mentioned cat supplies in the next segment. Stay tuned!

Top 7 Online Pet Stores In Dhaka

Top 7 Online Pet Stores In Dhaka
Photo by Mona Magnussen on Unsplash


This is an online platform where you can get almost everything you’ll need for your pet cat. They have a dedicated section for cats where you can find good quality cat foods.

You can also get hygiene equipment for your new fur baby in this online store.

Besides that, you’ll get tools that will help you in keeping your cat clean like, cleaning gloves, grooming combs, litter scoop, and many more things.

If you want to adorn your cat with cute dresses and birthday treats they got your back. They got a total of 91 items under their cat section. You can also read their pet-related blogs.

2. Pet Bangla

Pet Bangla is Bangladesh’s first online pet goods store. It was founded in 2011 by a customary pet lover and enthusiast under a different name, and the existing name was adopted in June 2014. There were no web-based pet supply stores in Bangladesh at the time.

When it came to buying supplies for their pets, pet owners faced a range of issues, the most common of which was the scarcity of certain food products, not to mention the never-ending traffic that prevented them from going to the stores and returning home without a lengthy hour’s inconvenience.

Before the establishment of Pet Bangla, animal feeds as well as other necessary items for pets were only accessible in Katabon and a few other cities’ mega malls, but at a comparatively high price because of their rarity.

Besides the Cat section, there are also dedicated sections for aqua, birds, dogs, and rabbit as well. Besides food supplies, you’ll get cat shampoos, milk replacers, grooming brushes, and lint rollers.

The interesting thing is that you’ll get fun toys for your fluff baby like a fish toy, feathery stick toy, danglers, and electric fishes. This online store is also very trustworthy as it has plenty of positive reviews on its website.

3. Posha Prani

Posha Prani has the widest range of supplies for a cat. It has a total of 745 products in stock. You’ll get almost every brand of cat food here. What makes this online store versatile is the wide range of medicines- anti-hairball paste, ear care, eye care, catnip, etc. you’ll get here.

The hygiene products for a pet cat such as nail clippers, scented litter sand, also plastic collars for the protection of your cat are available in this online store.

You can also get discounts if you order through the website. Whether it’s a party treat or a regular treat you’ll never have to turn your back on this online page as everything is available here.

4. Pet Zone BD

According to the owner of Pet Zone BD, “As an animal lover, I know how difficult it is to find high-quality pet nourishment and types of equipment in Bangladesh. I remember having difficulty locating my cats’ and dogs’ favorite treats.

On one side, the quality of available pet foods is severely compromised, and on the other, they are extremely expensive.

I’ve always considered opening a pet store to assist animal lovers like myself. I founded Pet Zone BD so that animal lovers like myself could find everything they needed in one location. Having compassion for an animal is a selfless and loving activity that does not require any financial investment.

As a result, I try to offer the lowest possible pricing in my shop. My store is well-stocked with a variety of high-quality pet food brands.

Numerous wearables and products can be used to keep your pet’s hygiene and health in good working order.” I have visited their website and it has separate segments for each item a cat needs.

They wanted to make the lives of pet owners easier so, they came up with the idea of founding an online pet store. You can buy a cat hygiene kit, vitamins and supplementarity, a grass kit, chewable tablets, and many more from their cat medicine sector.

Now coming to cat adornments, if you are willing to travel with your cats they have just the right things for you.

You’ll get transparent cat carrying bags, cat beds, cat collars, and cat harnesses and lease in their accessories segment. It’s super cute and travel-friendly.

5. Katabon Online

Pet lovers who live around Dhaka city sure know the name of Katabon as it is Dhakas’ famous pet market. Now Katabon has come online to assert its online presence. This OG place had every pet animal as well as pet foods, accessories, and food supplies even before it was normalized in Bangladesh.

Don’t think that they are back in time and there must be plenty of products you can’t get here.

To my surprise, the Katabon Online shop is ahead of its time. On their website, you’ll get pet foods from various renowned nutritious brands.

Apart from that, you’ll get, automatic water drinkable and car-shaped food bowls, collars, bells, grass kits, and catnips.

Besides all the toys and food supplements you’ll get hygiene products like shampoo, powder, a flavored litter box with a scoop, and catnips. Katabon will come to your doorsteps and deliver all their best-selling products just with a click. So, hurry up and visit their page!

6. Pet Smart Bangladesh

Petsmartbd claims itself to be the largest and most affordable retailer of pet food and supplies, and distributor. You are guaranteed to have a premium service if you take products from them.

There are different sections for cat-like cat litter, cat dry foods, cat treats, cat pouches, cat cans, also kitten food. You’ll also get a super premium cat food section, cat care, and accessories section down in the options list.

Since I haven’t come across any super-premium cat food section before, I went inside to know more about it. They have got some pretty affordable items for super-premium cat foods I must say.

Usually, premium cat foods are out of our budget but pet smart Bangladesh has done an extraordinary job in keeping them affordable and bringing them to you. So, order right away!

7. Petco BD

As the owner of Petco. Bangladesh claimed, “We have all essential products for your pet buddy, with a huge range of goods in all the important categories.

We strive to provide you with an excellent shopping experience to meet each need that a healthy and positive pet life necessitates. Explore through the categories, select a product, place an order, and let us send the goods to your door with care.”

You can get basic pet products and supplies on this online page. Apart from that, they have a dedicated section for grooming tools. You’ll not only get cat grooming products but also do grooming products. Notably, shampoo, soap, itch-free commodities, and feeding bowls.

So, you don’t have to wander about ordering products from different websites you’ll get everything in one online store.

Final Words

Our pets are true companions to us and for that, we want to provide them with the best things on earth. In this article, Online Pet Accessories Shop Around Dhaka For New Cat Owners I have tried to put forward the most amazing online shops where you’ll find every cat commodity.

So, if you are a new cat parent I’ve got your back. Thank you for being with us till the end. Hope you have got all your answers.

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