5 Best Sites For International Online Shopping From Bangladesh

9 Best Websites For International Online Shopping From Bangladesh

Do you want to do international online shopping from Bangladesh? It is nothing complicated if you know the right place to go. Given the availability of the internet, it is easy to be misled with false information. However, we only hold the intention of helping you. In this article, you will get to know about the top 9 sites for international online shopping from Bangladesh. The 9 sites we have enlisted here will help you get the products you have been waiting for.

You can trust our verdict because it is based on our experience.

Why Consider International Online Shopping From Bangladesh?

Bangladesh’s online shopping website list is huge. The collection of amazing products comes at a cheaper price from such sites. But sometimes, you may not find what you are looking for.

In that case, you will have to visit an international online shopping platform. However, this is not the only reason to consider international online shopping from Bangladesh.

The main reason to do shopping from an international platform is the quality of the product. Let’s just be honest, the beauty products from Japan or France are way better than our local brands.

When it comes to electrical gadgets, there is no equal competitor between China and the USA. So if you want top-quality products, you have to purchase them through international online shopping.

Apart from getting top-quality products, international online shopping allows you to explore a lot of different items. Unique and impressive products can improve your lifestyle in many ways. Overall, international online shopping promises to meet your every need.

9 Best Platform For International Online Shopping From Bangladesh

Now that you know why international shopping from Bangladesh is a good choice, you probably want to shop right away. But don’t do that yet.

There aren’t many platforms that will allow you to do online shopping from Bangladesh. Even if they do, many of such sites can turn out to be frauds or may provide you with low-quality products. So to save yourself and your money from such loss, you have to be very attentive.

We understand that you can’t try out different websites before narrowing them down to the best few. This is why take a look at our top 9 picks of the best site for international online shopping from Bangladesh and purchase your products from here.

If you choose any one of the options from the following list, you are guaranteed to get your hands on the best products available out there.

1. Amazon

Best For: All types of products

Delivery Charge: 500 to 20,000 BDT (depending on products weight)

Delivery Period: 5 to 7 days

Whenever the matter of online shopping comes, Amazon will always remain on top. After all, it is the largest online store in the world. The best thing about Amazon is its range of products. No matter where you have seen an item, you will find it here.

The only problem you may face is international shipping to Bangladesh. The delivery charge is 900 BDT on average, and it can take at least 5 to 7 days.

However, to be honest, this is not so bad compared to other options. So, if you want the best quality products delivered to you as fast as possible, go to Amazon.

2. AliExpress

Best For: Electronics, clothes, jewelry, and wholesale products

Delivery Charge: 4,500 BDT

Delivery Period: 7 to 15 days

AliExpress is the best in online shopping from china to Bangladesh. It is a part of the Chinese company Alibaba group. This international online shop gained popularity in recent years.

A wide range of diverse products comes at a cheap price with AliExpress. May it be electronic devices, jewelry, or attires, everything is available here.

This site is recommended for those who want to purchase wholesale products. You can find unbelievable deals wholesale from Aliexpress. So if you want fast shipping but don’t have the budget or if you want to buy large-scale products for your own business, go to AliExpress.


Best For: Clothes and shoes

Delivery Charge: 500 to 1,000 BDT (free for purchases of over 4,500 BDT)

Delivery Period: 10 to 15 days

Despite being on top of the garments industry, unique fashion products are scarce in our country. Common types of cloth design and often poor fabric quality compel people to buy clothing from international online shopping sites. Unfortunately, their excessive delivery charge makes it impossible for many to make a purchase.

This is where ASOS is unique. Their tremendous collection of products ranges from tops to shoes for both men and women. Their occasional discounts and vouchers offer attractive deals as well. And it all comes at an unbelievably cheap delivery charge.

It is almost unimaginable for international shipping of clothes to be this cheap. The delivery charge will cost you less than 700 BDT. Though it may take up to 15 business days, it is worth the wait.

In addition, the delivery charge is completely free if you purchase over $55 or 4,500 BDT. Even if you don’t intend to buy something, you should give ASOS a visit at least once.

4. eBay

Best For: Electronics, gadgets, and accessories

Delivery Charge: 3,000 BDT

Delivery Period: 15 to 20 days

If you want to do online shopping from the USA to Bangladesh, then eBay is your best option. It is a USA-based online store that ships all over the world. Making your purchase from eBay is safe. They ensure quality products and put customer satisfaction first.

Just like Amazon, eBay offers you a wide range of items and accessories. You will get anything you can think of at a relatively cheaper price.

But before making a purchase, you should know that eBay can take up to a month to deliver. And the delivery charge can cost around 3,000 BDT.

5. Shadmart

Best For: Grocery and food items

Delivery Charge: 1,200 to 2,000 BDT

Delivery Period: 7 to 10 days

Shadmart is a bit different from all the other sites on this list. The head office of this company is located in Bangladesh, but they ship products here from worldwide. Though this site has been around only for 3 years, it has gained impressive popularity due to its satisfactory service.

From Shadmart, you won’t only get lifestyle products, tools, or household essentials. They provide grocery items as well. An amazing thing about Shadmart is that they accept payment through Bkash!

You won’t find this feature anywhere else. So if you are interested in foreign grocery items, then go to Shadmart. You will get what you want at an affordable price.

6. DHgate

Best For: Electronic devices and computer accessories

Delivery Charge: Free

Delivery Period: 25 to 30 days

Free shipping in local online shopping is quite common. But it is a matter impossible even to imagine when it comes to international online shopping. However, it is happening right now. You can get free international shipping with DHgate.

This is a China-based international e-commerce platform like Aliexpress. There are always coupons and discounts available. And their collection of accessories and gadgets is quite impressive. The refund policy and their customer service are very satisfying as well.

However, free delivery comes with a catch, but this is not a big deal. As you will be able to save hundreds of bucks on delivery charges, you have to compromise something.

In this case, you will just have to wait a couple of extra days for your product to reach you. But it shouldn’t take DHgate more than a month.

7. SKinStore

Best For: Beauty and skincare product

Delivery Charge: 1,200 to 2,000 BDT

Delivery Period: 5 to 15 days

Bangladesh imports quality makeup, beauty products, and skincare items from around the world. Unfortunately, it is difficult to know whether you are getting the genuine thing. Using counterfeited skincare products can result in irrevocable skin diseases and even cancer.

This is why purchasing from an international store is always preferable. While most international online makeup stores are very expensive, SkinStore promises just the thing you want.

Here you will find quality beauty products of all kinds. Affordable prices and reasonable delivery charges make this site a favorite of makeup lovers. Check out SkinStore’s collection for yourself.

8. Abebooks

Best For: Books

Delivery Charge: 500 to 2,000 BDT

Delivery Period: 5 to 20 days

Millions of students in Bangladesh have to read photocopy books or poor-quality paperback books just because a decent copy isn’t available.

In addition to this, many people can’t expand their book collection because of the unavailability of books. If you are one of such people, then Abebooks is the perfect place for you.

Abebooks is a huge website with millions of books and magazines. You can search for the copy you want with the title, author name, or ISBN.

Though the price of these books is a bit high, the cost is reasonable given the quality. In addition, the delivery charge is less than 1,000 BDT. If you throw in a few extra bucks, you can get your books delivered within a week. Abebooks will not disappoint you.

9. uBuy

Best For: Electronics, tech gadgets, and automotive tools

Delivery Charge: 500 to 10,000 BDT (depending on products weight)

Delivery Period: 12 to 14 days

Just like Shadmart, uBuy is another Bangladesh-based international shopping platform. They offer a wide range of products from clothing and electronics to books and pet supplies. uBuy even imports automotive accessories.

They cover the prominent countries where the majority of the customers purchase from. So no matter what you want, there is a big chance that uBuy will have them.

In addition, their shipping charge is lower than others. Unfortunately, the shipping takes a bit longer than usual. But considering the overall cost, uBuy offers a pretty good deal. So do give uBuy a visit.

There are many more options for international online shopping from Bangladesh. You can check them out too, but none will be as satisfactory as the platforms enlisted here. Give these sites a visit and judge for yourself.

3 Things To Keep In Mind Before Making International Online Shopping In Bangladesh

By now, you have probably found the store you were looking for. If you consider any of our picks, you are guaranteed the best deal because our choice is based on experience.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind before making any purchase. Try to maintain the following 3 points while international online shopping,

1. Use Your Credit Card: Don’t use someone else’s credit card unless you know them closely enough. The purchase and the delivery can get problematic if your credit card information and delivery information don’t match.

2. Check The Reviews: Every product available on the international online store won’t be the best. It can be of bad quality or something different from what you are expecting. This is why it is wise to check the user’s reviews and comments on the product.

3. Pick The Perfect Delivery Date: When it comes to international shipping, the arrival date of your product is quite uncertain. And, worst-case scenario, there can be a bit of hassle at customs. So make sure that you will be around your shipping address till the product is delivered.

And this is all. You only have to get these 3 points right. The store you have trusted will handle the rest. Take your time to make up the decisions.


International online shopping from Bangladesh is the best and safest way to purchase top-quality products. But it can easily bring you disaster if you don’t know where to buy from. However, if you consider the platforms we discussed in this article, you are sure to bring home just the thing you desire.

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