5 Local Rescues That Are Working Hard for Animal Welfare in Dhaka

5 Local Rescues That Are Working Hard for Animal Welfare in Dhaka

Animals are a part of nature. But despite animal rights are often overlooked and neglected. In recent years, it has become common for us in Bangladesh to believe that animals and humans can coexist and have direct exposure to the services we require to eat, stay healthy, and find shelter.

But in reality, that is not entirely true, notably for non-domesticated animals who face violence, cruelty, and danger daily in the wild.

An animal sanctuary is an essential social service that assists in the protection of animals from potentially unsafe situations that frequently involve brutality and abusive behavior.

Many animals end up in shelters as a result of evictions, costly health issues, or other inevitable circumstances.

In this article, we will learn about, “5 Local Rescues That Are Working Hard for Animal Welfare in Dhaka”.

These organizations or rescue groups are very much concerned about animal rights and defend against any kind of animal abuse. Stay with us to know about such local rescue heroes.

Why is Animal Rescue Essential?

Animal rescuers provide meals, water, and medical attention to animals, as well as shelter from the elements, relief from pain, and compassionate human existence. Quite a time, these organisms would have no other option.

Animal shelters play a major role in our communities because they work tirelessly to reconnect pets with their humans, shelter those in need, and find new shelter for animals some of which are stranded from their owners, without a permanent home, or that should not be roaming our streets for our protection.

It’s a thankless job for animal shelter workers to balance having enough space to house all the animals, coordinating pet adoptions, and developing their marketing campaign to encourage pet owners to start practicing responsible behavior by spaying and neutering their pets.

And animal shelter employees do all of this while attempting to persuade people to consider animal shelters first when looking for such a special house pet.

The lack of an animal shelter or local rescue center in a community can place significant pressure on metropolitan resources. That is how crucial animal charities and rescue groups have become.

Thousands of wildlife creatures could be independently roaming city neighborhoods, wreaking havoc on public safety and health.

Fortunately, many urban areas in Bangladesh now have animal shelters or rescue organizations that take on this responsibility for the safety of both animals and the public.

These unsung heroes of animal welfare are at the pinnacle of most admired human beings.

These people care for abandoned and abused animals. They put in a lot of effort to look after these cherished animals and place them in loving homes.

Every little bit helps when it comes to helping animals find their forever homes, and we’re so grateful for the wonderful work that these organizations do.

Reasons Why We Love Animal Rescues

Animal welfare refers to an animal’s ability to adapt to its environment.

If an animal is healthy, comfortable, well-fed, secure, and able to express its innate behavior. And is not struggling from undesirable states like pain, fear, and distress, it is in a good state of welfare.

Adequate veterinary care and disease prevention are essential to the well-being of animals. They’re also necessary for humane handling during transport and humane slaughter.

The reasons why we love animal rescue groups and organizations are as follows-

Find Forever Home for Lost Animals

Every month, animal shelters reunite hundreds of missing and badly hurt pets with their owners. Runaway pets are a common occurrence.

Alternatively, they may become utterly terrified and break out of their confines, resulting in them being taken in by urban animal control departments or reported by concerned citizens who see a loose animal in their area.

Reconnecting families with their pets is one of the most important functions of animal shelters. Also, on daily basis pets are often seen stranded on top of building sunsets, or a tree. Animal rescue groups help owners to get back their troubled pets.

These organizations care for all kinds of cats and dogs, including those that have been mistreated, forced to abandon, and even those that have been ill or injured.

Sanctuary, food, and medical help are provided to these traumatized animals while they await the return of their loved ones.

Create a Human-Animal Bond

Animal Rescue groups and animal shelters have fostered many connections. The moderate adoption of animals chomping at the bit for a caring family to adopt them has established lifelong best friends.

Adopting a pet from one of these furry buddy facilities or groups increases your chances of finding a lifelong companion.

For every animal adopted from a shelter, one less is purchased from “puppy mills” or “cat cafes” and other mass-breeding facilities.

In Bangladesh, animal rescues are very attentive toward stranded animals.

They inspect the new home for the little frightened animals and select the safest home for them. Not only that they also check up on the pets after they are adopted.

Adoption Counselling and Veterinary Services

There are groups and animal veterans that provide veterinary services and adoption counseling.

Adoptions of kittens, pups, and other animals at the shelter are made easier with the help of these professional counselors.

In this way, they get to know both the potential pet owners and the pets themselves. After that, make an effort to find the best possible match.

In Bangladesh, pet counseling is not very popular but it is paving its way here. Veterinary costs are quite heavy.

Even so, some animal shelter veterinary clinics may offer lower-cost services because they recognize that not every pet owner can afford the high costs of private practice.

They may only offer a limited range of services, but they can save pet owners money on things like vaccinations and spay/neuter procedures.

Animal Shield After A Disaster

How do animal shelters help animals? The answer is, that pets aren’t immune to the devastation caused by natural disasters.

During or after a windstorm, thunderstorm, flood, earthquake, or another natural disaster, many pets are displaced.

Animal shelters and rescue groups are frequently swamped by animals in need of food and shelter.  They serve as the first line of defense in the fight to save animals and bring them back to their rightful families.

Uninterrupted Attention to The Animals

Cats, dogs, and other animals of all kinds rely on such animal rescues for their care. They care for those who have been overlooked.

They take care of the animals by feeding, bathing, and providing medical attention and care. rescuing animals in need and placing them in new, loving homes is their sole purpose in life.

Animal rescuers in Bangladesh provide everything to stranded animals until they get a forever home.

Their uninterrupted attention and affection towards the neglected animal also make the animal trust them even more.

5 Local Rescues Dedicated to Animal Welfare in Dhaka

If you at any point in time face any circumstances that included a stranded animal or missing pet you can contact the following groups. I’m sure you’ll get assistance right away

1. Care For Paws

Care for paws is a charitable organization that rehabilitates stray and abandoned animals that are abused, neglected, and tortured.

It’s a well-known non-profitable animal welfare organization and veterinary clinic in Dhaka. They are solely working for the helpless stray animals roaming around in the city.

As the country’s first Animal Welfare Organization, CARE FOR PAWS is officially recognized by the Ministry of Social Welfare.

To foster compassion and understanding for street animals, as well as strengthen human-animal bonds, they hope to make the strong bonds that exist between people and animals more readily apparent.

Services provided by them :

  • Veterinary clinic
  • Spay and Neuter
  • Pet grooming supplies
  • Vaccination for Strays
  • Creating awareness regarding animal welfare using workshops
  • Training volunteers to work collectively in rescuing stray animals, even on-spot rescuing
  • Increasing network and maintaining a strong network with animal rights activists and animal lovers. Through this network, they facilitate the adoption of abandoned animals.

You can join their group and be a part of their animal lovers network and learn more about your pet.

2. Animal Rescuers BD (ARB)

Animal Rescuers BD is a rescue group that collects information on stray animals and reaches there to rescue them from adversities. They are also non-profitable organizations and they take donations for the service they provide.

You can visit their group because it is a public group, and see many animal lovers helping each other in maintaining their furballs.

It’s quite commendable how people are actively participating in animal rescue.

The objectives of Animal Rescuers BD (ARB)

  • Spay or neuter pets especially cats
  • Give parvo vaccine to puppies
  • Rescue abandoned animals
  • Promoting Veganism

3. PAW Foundation

People for Animal Welfare (PAW) Foundation is a charitable organization and by its name, it is clear that they work for animal rescue and welfare.

PAW has planned a common platform to connect with like-minded people and raise awareness.

Online ventures like “Fundraising for the treatment of stray animals” and “Voice of Animal Welfare” have been a great success for them on social networking sites.

Initially, they focused on raising money for stray animals in need of medical attention. A large number of people volunteered their time and effort. They’re making progress thanks to the generosity of the donors.

Their Mission,

Since all living things need a mutual bond of love and affection, peace is necessary. We, as a group of people who share this belief, are doing our best to help the world around us.

  • Building rehabilitation for wounded animals
  • Establish a network surrounding animal adoption ( esp. Dogs and Cats)
  • Raise awareness about the animal welfare act of Bangladesh among the citizens of the country
  • Empowering animal care programs through workshops, campaigns, and humane program integration
  • Eliminate animal exploitation via education. Legislation, investigations, and media attention

They aspire to end animal abuse and create a society where all animals are treated with kindness. To create an “animal-friendly” ecosystem in the country.

4. Animal Rights Koalition Bangladesh

Bangladeshi citizens are becoming more concerned about protecting animal right thus these types of rescue groups are established.

In brief, Sterilizations, vaccinations, rescue, treatment, and adoption are all part of Animal rights coalitions’ duties to protect the rights of all animals.

Animal Rights Koalition BD is a notion or a premise that promotes inter-species harmony and inter-species cooperation. Animals and humans have coexisted for a very long time.

We can’t deny that our very existence is predicated on their success. Scientists have established that the loss of too many animal or plant species would upset the delicate balance of nature, making our continued existence on this planet increasingly difficult.

This animal rescue doesn’t support animal buying, selling, breeding, or mating in any way.

To save the lives of street animals, they encourage people to adopt local breeds. They are in favor of spaying and neutering both strays and pets.

In their view, the only way to reduce animal abuse is to reduce animal population growth.

So, this animal rescue group is very much concerned about animal rights and well being of pets. You can visit their group as it’s safe and animal friendly.

5. Cat Welfare Society BD

Cat welfare society Bangladesh is a group that is concerned about the health-related queries of a cat both stray and pets. This specialized group of animal rescuers is a non-profit charitable organization.

Animal rescue group Cat Welfare Society Bangladesh was founded in Bangladesh to help cats in need.

Cats were rescued and adopted by the organization. Veterinary care, proper nutrition, and regular exercise are all promoted by the Cat Welfare Society Bangladesh.

Cat Welfare Society Bangladesh is concerned about the health, safety, and physical well-being of each cat around the country.

For the most part, their objectives are distinct from the structure of the discussion. They highly discourage any posts that aren’t concerned with cat and cat health.

Apart from these 5 local rescue groups that are working for animal welfare, several other groups work for this purpose. The main thing is this wasn’t a well-known practice in Bangladesh.

But in recent years people are getting more conscious and concerned about animal rights and animal health.

How Can You Contribute to Animal Welfare in Your Area?

It’s crucial to protect animals’ rights because millions of animals are abused every year for their use in entertainment, food, medicine, fashion, research, and as exotic pets.

Every animal has the right to a peaceful existence in which they are not mistreated or abused.

Doing Donation

You can donate cash to the local rescues that are working for establishing animal rights. The expenses of rescuing or adopting a pet are significantly high.

An animal’s health should be addressed as soon as it enters the care of an animal welfare organization. However, these non-profitable organizations need some funding as the animals can be high maintenance.

You can donate once every month and no matter how small the donation is, it’s a pretty huge deal for the organization. With your help, they can run their initiative longer than anticipated.

Dropping off Essential Supplementary

Donations to animal nonprofits and rescue groups are always encouraged. But it’s also okay to give supplies instead of money, such as food, carriers, and dishes.

The thing that you can donate:

  • Pet food supplies
  • Beds, blankets, and litter box
  • Medicines for the animals of the shelter
  • Toys that are animal friendly
  • Kennels

If you are capable of donating these supplies for the rescued animals they are also a great help for the abused animal.

Adopt or Foster

Adopting a pet from an animal welfare organization is an amazing solution if you can do so. It’s a win-win situation for both you and the animal shelter: You relieve the organization’s stress, and the animal will be placed in a loving home.

You will have to go through adoption procedures that are in the best interest of the animal. Adoption forms are typically the first step in the adoption process for most organizations.

A home inspection will almost certainly be requested to verify that you are prepared and capable of caring for a pet. And they’ll do their best to find you a match that’s right for you and your family.

You can also foster an animal until it finds its forever home. However, not everyone is cut out for foster care. When the time comes, many people struggle to say adieu to their pets.

That being said, foster care is an effective means of helping animals in need, and it can be a rewarding experience. You can contact a local animal shelter or rescue if you think you’d be a good foster parent for a pet in need.


One more brilliant way to help animals is to get involved as a volunteer. Working together to help our canine companions can give you a fulfilling sense of accomplishment.

For more information, contact nonprofit rescues and shelters. As a creative person, you can also volunteer differently: by creating something unique, then auctioning it off, and donating the funds to a rescue group.

To save animals across the country, non-profit animal rescues need a lot of volunteers. Your local rescuer’s club would greatly benefit if you were able to volunteer in your area on their behalf.‘

Parting Words

Protecting people from infectious diseases is a primary goal for animal shelters. Responsible pet owners release their animals into the streets. Animal Rescue groups and animal rights activists work together to collect, impound, and dispose of stray animals.

In this article, 5 Local Rescues That Are Working Hard for Animal Welfare in Dhaka I have discussed many aspects of an animal shelter or rescue group.

If you need any kind of pet consultancy or any animal is in danger you can contact the above local rescues. I hope this article was informative and could do justice to your reading. Happy reading!

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