10 Best Online Book Shops In Bangladesh

10 Best Online Book Shops In Bangladesh

If you are planning to purchase books, then don’t go outside. Traditional bookshops will give you the hassle, provide you with cheap quality copies, and charge extra money. You surely don’t want this, right? For this and many other reasons, we prefer the best online bookshops in Bangladesh over every other option.

But why purchase from online bookshops in Bangladesh? Which online bookshop has what you need? And how should you make your purchase? Well, we have answered all of these questions in this article.

So keep on reading, and by the end, you will have a good idea about how you can buy any book at the lowest price in Bangladesh. Stay tuned.

Why Consider An Online Book Shop In Bangladesh?

The modern age aims at bringing convenience to the general people. This is true in the case of online shopping as well. Bookshops are now included in this category.

Online bookshop websites, such as Rokomari, present the best and rare books for all types of readers. And thanks to these platforms, you can now easily get Nilkhet books online. This is not all, online book shop in Bangladesh offers more benefits. Here’s what you will get from them,

1. Takes Your Troubles Away: when it comes to a traditional bookshop, there is too much physical toil involved. Firstly, you will have to reach the shop, and move around from shelf to shelf. Finding what you are looking for among thousands of books is another challenge. Online book shop takes care of these difficulties. Here you can instantly find any book you want. And you can do that just with a few taps.

Well, it’s true scrolling through shelves without any particular book in mind gives us a different kind of joy. However, an online bookshop in Bangladesh doesn’t disappoint us here as well. Here you get to look through thousands of different books without even moving a bit. This is amazing.

2. Cheap Price: Online bookshops don’t spend much on storing books. This is because they don’t need to rent a space like a traditional bookstore. For this reason, they can offer huge discounts and sell books at a cheaper price.

So if you want to buy books at a price you can afford, go to an online bookshop in Bangladesh.

3. Diversity: The world of the internet is limitless. Online book shop in Bangladesh strongly supports this statement. Here you can get any book you want. All you have to do is type in the name of the book in the perfect place. Not every bookshop will have what you are looking for. But some websites can provide you with whatever you may need. In this article, we will introduce these platforms to you.

This diversity is enough to make online bookshops appealing to all types of readers.

This is not all. There are many more benefits, such as gifts, rare book collections, and convenient payment methods that online bookshops offer you. Above all, if the book is not available, some online bookstores will print the book for you.

Read more,

The online book shop bd list we have mentioned in this article will give you all these privileges. So do check them out.

10 Best Online Book Shops In Bangladesh Available For You Right Now

Don’t go to a random online bookshop. Choose any one of the following picks for the best experience.

1. Rokomari

Best online bookstore in Bangladesh: Rokomari.com

Best for all types of books.

Delivery Charge: 50 – 200 BDT

Payment Method: bKash, Nagad, Rocket, Dmoney, credit card, and cash on delivery

Rokomari is the Amazon.com of books in Bangladesh. This company is solely for products that a student may need. They don’t only offer books, they have other items as well. From pens to notebooks, they have them all.

And in terms of books, Rokomari has all genres of publications. You will find textbooks for all classes and Issac Asimov’s science fiction as well. And if they don’t have a particular copy, they will import it for you. Just let them know what you want, and you will have it in no time. Take a tour of Rokomari and grab what you need,

2. Wafilife

Best Online Islamic Bookshop in Bangladesh
Best Online Islamic Bookstore in Bangladesh

Best for Islamic books.

Delivery Charge: 50 – 200 BDT

Payment Method: bKash, Nagad, Rocket, master card, and cash on delivery

Wafilife is the largest online bookseller in Bangladesh. It’s a huge company with a tremendous collection. If you are looking for the best online Islamic book shop BD then Wafilife is your stop. Here you will get different types of Quran translations, tafsir, and books related to Islamic philosophy.

These books can be really helpful for you not only to understand Islam but also to lead a better life. However, Wafilife has a good selection of job preparation, literature, and other books as well. But its Islamic book collection attracts the majority of its customers.

3. Charcha Books

Best Bookshop for rare books in Bangladesh
Best Bookshop for rare books in Bangladesh

Best for rare books.

Delivery Charge: 100 – 300 BDT

Payment Method: bKash, card, and cash on delivery

Charcha is an amazing online bookshop in Bangladesh. Though they have a physical store at 107, Sher Shah Suri Road, Mohammadpur, Dhaka-1207, they are also active online. Charcha Books imports its product from all around the world and has a publication of its own.

The most incredible thing about Charcha is its collection of rare books. You will find stunning publications of exceptional quality from them. Though these books can cost up to 5,000 BDT, they are worth it. So if you are a big fan of collecting books, give Charcha Books a try.

4. 10 Minute School Books

Best educational bookstore in Bangladesh
Best educational bookstore in Bangladesh

Best for educational books.

Delivery Charge: 70 – 100 BDT

Payment Method: bKash, Nagad, Rocket, credit card, and cash on delivery

Everyone knows what 10 Minute School is. They are the leading educational website in Bangladesh. They are fully focused on the academic lifestyle of young students. And their purpose is fulfilled with their recent addition of an online bookshop.

In 10 Minute School Books, you will get books on careers, freelancing, science, language, and many more. Their collection is mainly centered around education and skill development. Thanks to them, students now can go to 10 Minute School Books and easily access the books that are helpful for their career and growth.

5. BookShopBD

Best competitive exam preparation bookstore in Bangladesh
Best competitive exam preparation bookstore in Bangladesh

Best for competitive exam preparation books.

Delivery Charge: 50 – 70 BDT

Payment Method: bKash and cash on delivery

Thousands of people attend competitive exams every year. And each year, the syllabus of these exams is altered. With this change comes the need for new books. BookShopBD understands this struggle and acts accordingly.

BookShopBD is an online bookshop in Bangladesh with a satisfying array of knowledge-based books. These books are particularly helpful for competitive exams such as BCS. The best thing about their service is the price. They charge the lowest delivery fee while selling books at a cheaper cost. Purchasing from BookShopBD will prove to be a great expenditure indeed.

6. Boikhata

Best for Literature.

Delivery Charge: 50 – 100 BDT

Payment Method: bKash, cash on delivery

To be honest, all the online book shop mentioned above provides literary piece along with other genres. In contrast to them, Boikhata is exclusively about novels, poetry, drama, and short stories.

Their collection is not only confined to Bangla literature. You will find English and translated prose and poetry as well. These paperback books come at an affordable price. Surprisingly, despite being cheap, the quality of these books is impressive. Purchasing Boikhata will be a win-win for you.

7. BoiBazar

Best for non-fiction books.

Delivery Charge: 50 – 120 BDT

Payment Method: bKash, Nagad, Rocket, Master card, Visa Card, DBBL, and cash on delivery

Non-fiction books are usually hard to find because the readers of this genre are not many compared to other categories. This is why most of the time, many non-fiction are not available. But this is not the case when it comes to BoiBazar.

The marvelous collection of non-fiction in BoiBazar will have the copy you were looking for. And even if you can’t find the book, you can always pre-order and wait for the book to be available again. Check the shelves of BoiBazar now,

8. BackPack

Best for purchasing books from overseas.

Delivery Charge: 100 – 200 BDT

Payment Method: bKash, EFT, Master card, Visa Card, Paypal

BackPack is different from all the other sites on this list. This is not an online bookshop, to be exact, but they deliver a huge load of publications every year. BackPack is a company that purchases products from different countries and delivers them to you at the cheapest price imaginable.

Many students have to read poor-quality photocopy books just because importing books is so expensive. BackPack is the savior when this is the case.

With as little as 100 BDT, they will ensure that your book reaches your doorstep from the other part of the world. And the most unique thing is, that they accept payment through bKash. This is not usual for companies with international shipments. Check BackPack out.

9. Eboighar

Best for academic books for medical students.

Delivery Charge: 60 – 150 BDT

Payment Method: bKash, Rocket, and cash on delivery

Eboighar is the largest online medical bookshop in Bangladesh. They have a collection of hard-to-find medical books, and they offer these copies at a cheaper price. Not only this, Eboighar stores different types of academic books for students.

Their offers and discounts make this website amazing for students from all walks of life. Eboighar even has packages for different academic semesters.

For example, they have a section called “Medical First Year Book.” This package contains all the books a medical student will need.

And it doesn’t end here. Eboighar sells essential medical accessories such as lab coats at a lower cost. So if you are a medical student, you should give Eboighar a visit.

10. BoiBoiBoi

Best for English medium books.

Delivery Charge: 50 – 80 BDT

Payment Method: Cash on delivery

Every year, thousands of students attend English proficiency tests like IELTS. The high price and bad quality of these books are an obstacle for many examinees. Fortunately, such concerns can rest now thanks to BoiBoiBoi.

BoiBoiBoi is the most popular online English book shop BD. Their booklist covers SAT, GRE, IELTS, and TOEFL books.

The satisfying quality of these books comes at an affordable price. Even their delivery charge is cheaper than others. If you are a student taking preparation to study abroad, go to BoiBoiBoi today.

11. Daraz

Best for university admission books.

Delivery Charge: 60 – 300 BDT

Payment Method: bKash, Mastercard, Visa card, American Express, and cash on delivery

Daraz is not a bookshop. Everyone knows what it is. It’s an e-commerce store providing its service all around the country.

Though you will find different types of books here, their collection may not satisfy you. We can’t blame Daraz for that because they are not a bookshop.

However, they do sell original copies of university admission books. University admission is a critical examination.

Studying fake books with false information can easily ruin a student’s life. This is why it is wise to trust Daraz for the original copy of these guides and test papers. In addition, these books come at a budget-friendly price in Daraz.

Discounts offers and coupons may reduce the overall cost of the books even more. So a university admission candidate should go to Daraz and order their book right away.

With this, the list ends. There is many more online book shop in Bangladesh. But none are as good as the ones enlisted here. Give them a visit to get the best deal on books.

5 Things To Consider With Online Book Shops In Bangladesh

Online bookshops in Bangladesh will provide you with what they promise. But certain significant points can affect your online book shopping experience. If you want to avoid such a situation, then maintain the following suggestions,

  1. Select all the books you think you may need. You can eliminate unnecessary books at the checkout point.
  2. Make sure to put the right address. Don’t order the book if you are not going to be around the address till your parcel arrives.
  3. Move around on the website for a while before checking out. You may stumble upon coupons that will save you extra bucks.
  4. Never forget to save the product ID you will receive after placing the order. You may need this ID later in case your book doesn’t arrive.
  5. Try to make payment with cash. Cash on delivery is the safest option for you because, this way, you are sure to get your hands on the product you paid for.

Practicing these methods will ensure a satisfying online book-shopping experience for you. Remember these tips next time you order a book online.


You can trust the online bookshop website enlisted here because our verdicts are based on our experience. And the quality of these online bookshops is improving day by day.

From these best online bookshops in Bangladesh, you will get all kinds of books at a cheap price. So do check them out now.

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