10 Best Online Medicine Shops In Bangladesh

10 Best Online Medicine Shops In Bangladesh

The best online medicine shops in Bangladesh are now on your phone. And in these online shops, you can get anything you want. Even if you are worried about your rare medicines, or something you need within hours, the online medicine shop will get them for you.

But not all online shops will deliver authentic products. And bad quality medicine can be harmful to your health. This is why we have handpicked the 10 best online medicine shops in Bangladesh. You can visit these websites and order your pills and meds right now.

Why Consider Online Medicine Shops in Bangladesh?

Bangladesh now has many online medicine shops. This has benefitted the general people in many ways. And mainly for these benefits, you should consider online medicine shops.

Here’s what you are getting from online medicine shops in Bangladesh,

1. Availability

One of the prominent reasons for choosing an online medicine shop in Bangladesh is the availability of medicine. It is common for our local drugstore to run out of essential medicines.

Or they may not have a particular medicine in their collection at all. In this type of situation, you either have to look for a store far from your area or wait for the drug to be available again. This type of situation may not always be convenient for you.

This is why it is recommended to consider online medicine shops. They have everything you can ask for.

May it be a rare exclusive medicine or medicine from another country, the best online medicine shops in Bangladesh will make sure to get them at your doorsteps. Moreover, if they don’t have a particular item, they manage it for you.

2. Emergency Service

If you depend on your local medicine store for your needs, you won’t get emergency services. In case of heavy rain or other situations such as lockdowns, you have to face difficulties to get your medicines. Online pharmacy in Bangladesh solves this issue as well.

With their home delivery service, online medicine shops make sure to hand over your meds to your doorstep. So no matter what is happening out there, you will always get your products in your home with online pharmacies.

Few of the many online medicine store (such as Osudpotro) in Bangladesh has 24/7 delivery service. This type of emergency service is very beneficial indeed.

3. Cheaper Price

In Bangladesh, online medicine shops can afford to sell their items at a comparatively cheaper price because they don’t have to spend after storing the products. Apart from this, they buy medicines in bulk to distribute them among consumers.

In addition to cheaper prices, you get discounts and offers to buy medicines at the lowest cost possible.

4. Convenient

Online medicine shops in Bangladesh are convenient in many ways. Firstly, if you have a prescription but can’t identify the medicine name, you won’t have to struggle with it. Just upload a photo or a digital copy of the prescription on the shop’s website, and they will prepare your medicines for you.

Many websites call consumers to discuss their prescriptions to include or exclude medicines. Overall, they ensure the best experience for the users.

Mainly for these reasons, you should give online medicine shops a chance to deliver the best possible service in Bangladesh. Yes, local medicine shops can be good as well, but they will never be as helpful as the ones on the web.

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10 Best Online Medicine Shops In Bangladesh

Best Online Medicine Shops In Bangladesh
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1. Khidmat Drug Store

Khidmat Drug store is not only an online pharmacy. It does more than that. From getting regular medicines to consulting professional doctors, you can do everything on this website.

They provide only DGDA-approved medicine. It means you don’t have to worry about the quality at all. In addition, you can get the medicine anytime you want. Khidmat drug store offers you the convenience of scheduled home delivery. This way, you can order and have your medicine before you run out.

You get to save money here as well. Though they sell medicines at the market price, the offer, discounts, and cashback make your necessities cheaper. However, this is not all. Khidmat has experienced pharmacists on their team.

They will go through your prescription and see if you are prescribed unnecessary medications to element them from your list. This is another point of saving for you.

As I said earlier, Khidmat is not only a drug store. This is a diagnostic lab as well. And they offer home service in this sector as well. If you give them a call and ask for any test, they will come to your house to collect the sample. The report will be published online as well.

But this is not all. They have telemedicine and medicine retail as well. You can set an online appointment here and get your treatment without stepping out of your house.

So overall, Khidmat is one of the best online medicines shops in Bangladesh.

Contact Information: 01302891259
Delivery Charge: 70 – 100 BDT
Payment Method: Cash on delivery, Nagad, Credit and Debit card

2. Emedi

If you are looking for the best online medicine shop in Chittagong, then Emedi is the best place to look. This medicine company provides service only across Chittagong city. It means, Emedi covers the complete 34,053 sq KM of Chattogram.

Their collection of medicine is satisfying. It is sure that you won’t be disappointed with your basic pharmaceutical need with Emedi. In addition to drugs, Emedi contains nutrition products ( e.g. green tea, apple cider vinegar), insulin, sanitary pad, sexual wellness product, and many more.

The website conveniently manages everything as well. You just have to upload a photo of your prescription, and they will prepare your pack of medicine for delivery. It’s as simple as that.

Emedi specializes in diabetic care. They have diabetic medicines, diabetes foods, and diabetic accessories such as blood sugar testing kits. And you can get these at a price you can afford.

The delivery charge is reasonable as well. Despite your location, it is 50 BDT. If you want you can not pay this fee as well. In this case, you have to pick up your product from 39, Road:05, Panchlaish.

The most lovable feature of Emedi is the fact that you can request a product they don’t have. Just go to their website, and select “Request Products”. Once you request a product, they will bring them to your doorstep.

You can arrange a doctor’s appointment on this website as well. For this, you don’t have to be in Chittagong. You can be in any part of the world and get solutions to your problem from experts.

Contact Information: 01849600002
Delivery Charge: 50 BDT
Payment Method: Bkash, Cash on delivery, and Credit/debit card

3. BanglaMeds

BanglaMeds is a super-convenient online medicine shop in Dhaka. Its interface and overall user experience are straightforward. You have to scan or take a photo of your prescription first and then upload it here.

After you have uploaded the file with your personal information, a pharmacist will call you and discuss your prescription before confirming the order. If you want to purchase medicine by yourself, you can do that as well.

This shows that BanglaMeds cares about its customers. They want to make sure that the consumers know what and why they are getting a particular medicine. Such a unique feature makes BanglaMeds different from others.

In addition to a good collection of medicine, BanglaMeds has many other essential medical needs in its collection.

From female hygiene products to diabetic items, they have pretty much all you can ask for. And you can get all this in Dhaka for the cheapest price possible. Let me tell you how.

Though this online medicine shop is only active in Dhaka, its delivery service is quite impressive.

They cover Uttara, Tongi, Mirpur, Cantonment, Banani, Banani DOHS, Gulshan, Baridhara, Baridhara DOHS, Badda, Mohakhali, Mohakhali DOHS, Khilgaon, Paltan, Motijheel, Banasree, Moghbazar, Mailbag, Razarbag, Kallyanpur, Shyamoli, Paikpara, Pallabi, and Mohammedpur for absolutely free.

Yes, they don’t take any delivery charge and deliver within 1 to 7 hours depending on the traffic.

Contact Information: +8809638120130
Delivery Charge: Free
Payment Method: Bkash, Cash on delivery, Credit/debit card

4. Oshudhwala

Oshudhwala provides the fastest medicine delivery all over Bangladesh. Many other benefits make Oshudhwala that makes it the best online medicine shop in Bangladesh.

In addition to its fast delivery and reasonable delivery charge, Oshudhwala allows you to track your order. You can return your products as well if you don’t need them. The best thing about this is, you won’t be charged anything for this.

More convenience comes with its user experience. Just upload your prescription and have your medicines ready with Oshudhwala.

In addition to this, you can order medicine manually as well. And if you purchase from them, you will get a free consultation from professional doctors.

Osudhwala has different types of accessories as well. You will get quality gloves, surgical masks, safety glasses, and other safety equipment as well. Surprisingly, they don’t charge extra for these items. You can get them at the market price.

More convenience is found in their Featured Products section. Here different types of medicines (e.g. cough, allergy, pain killer, sleep aids) are arranged conveniently. You can select any medicine from here and proceed directly to Checkout. There is no hassle here.

Apart from medicines, Oshudhwala offers medical accessories such as Chemotherapy Isolation. With free doctor consultations, this website has become more useful. Overall, you can get pretty much what you need with them.

Contact Information: 0123-456-789
Delivery Charge: 50 – 170 BDT
Payment Method: Bkash, Visa, Cash on delivery

5. Osudpotro

Osudhpotro is dedicated to helping you with your pharmaceutical needs. They have a vast collection of 100% authentic medicines, and they sell these items at an affordable price. In addition to regular healthcare products, you can get oxygen cylinders, insulin, baby products, sanitary pads, etc., from their website.

You can get these items no matter where you live. They provide home delivery all around the country at a comparatively cheaper price. In Dhaka, you get 24/7 home delivery. No matter what’s the time, you will get your emergency medicines within 2 hours.

Their call center support is active 24/7 as well. They have a professional online call support team. You can get help with not only your prescription but with your health issues as well.

They have a Covid-19 section where you can get quality surgical masks and covid medicines such as fiber 200 at the least cost.

Generally, their medicines are not expensive. The offers, discounts, and cashback make these medicines cheaper. You can enjoy these benefits throughout the year. And if you place an order of more than 1,000 BDT, they will not charge you anything for delivery.

Contact Information: +09610-001122
Delivery Charge: 110 BDT
Payment Method: Bkash, Nagad, Rocket, Upay, DBBL, Credit/Debit card, Internet banking, and cash on delivery

6. UBT Pro

Well, this one is not a medicine store. Rather it’s an international courier service situated in India. However, their functionality makes them perfect for international medicine shipping. This is why UBT Pro can be considered the best online medicine shop to get Indian medicines in Bangladesh.

To use their service, you have to consult the medicine company first. You will get the contact info of top Indian medicine companies here. After contacting the medicine company and settling your bills, you have to contact UBT Pro and tell them about the medicine shop and the amount of product. They will handle the rest.

Yes, this seems a bit complicated. But if you consider the fact that you are shipping medicines from another country to Bangladesh, the hassle seems tolerable. At least, you don’t have to suffer from the trouble of customs.

You can track your products here too. This way you will never lose your valuable medicines.

Their delivery charge is not surprising as well. It is quite within a reasonable range. There won’t be any hidden fees or anything. Overall, this is the easiest way of getting medicine delivered from India to Bangladesh.

Contact Information: +91-9650754902
Delivery Charge: 5,200 – 6,500 BDT
Payment Method: International Internet Banking, Credit/Debit Card.

7. Diabetes Store

The best online medicine shop in Bangladesh are those that ensure the supply of authentic products. Diabetes stores do that with perfection because they directly collect products from reputed pharmaceutical companies such as Acme, Incepta, Beximco, and Square.

They are popular for their super fast delivery. They can deliver in Dhaka within 3 hours and all over the country within 3 days in case of an emergency delivery. In a normal delivery, they take 1 to 5 days. So basically, you won’t have to worry about missing out on the dose of your medicine with the Diabetes Store.

Just like other websites on this list, you can upload your prescription to have the medicines at your doorstep. However, you can get non-prescribed medicines as well with no hassle. And despite the hour of the day or the weather condition, you are sure to have your meds right on time.

Even if the Diabetes store doesn’t have the medicine you ordered, they will get it for you from other stores. You can rely on them without a second thought.

Contact Information: +09639400600
Delivery Charge: 70 – 150 BDT
Payment Method: Bkash, Cash on delivery, and SSL-verified payment gateway

8. ePharma

ePharma is the best online medicine shop in Bangladesh when it comes to healthcare products. Yes, they have medicines for your daily dose. But in addition to that, ePharma has a wide range of hair care, oral care, and many more.

What ePharma does is collect different products from the specializing brands and deliver them to you. So you are sure to get the best meds and items out there. Their collection of rare products is just too good. You may find things you have been looking for on this website.

From local products to international brands, ePharma always prioritizes the best quality. Even if your requested product is not available at the moment, they will restock it as per your request and deliver it to you.

Their offers and discounts are alluring as well. You get to save up to 5% on every purchase. The cheap delivery charge makes everything just great. It means, if you order something worth 500 BDT, you can get it at 420 BDT from ePharma.

As they cover the whole country, you can hope to get your essentials at the best price no matter where you are.

Contact Information: +8801933-336655
Delivery Charge: 30 – 150 BDT
Payment Method: Bkash, Credit/debit card, and Cash on delivery

9. Arogga

Arogga is a trusted online medicine shop in Bangladesh. They are not only popular for their quality medicine. It is the discounts they offer that make them admirable.

In a sense, Arogga is not a pharmacy. Rather it’s a delivery service. They have connections with the top pharmaceutical companies in Bangladesh. Once you order a medicine, Arogga goes to the medicine company and collects the items. It means you are always sure to have the best medicines without having to step out of your house.

Not only medicines, but Arogga will also get you insulin, sanitary pads, contraceptive pills, and many other necessary items you may need within a short while. And if you were looking for menstrual cups in Bangladesh, Arogga has them as well.

And as mentioned earlier, Arogga offers impressive discounts. The overall cost of medicines is greatly reduced due to this cashback. For example, if you order items worth 5,000 BDT, Arogga will return you 100 BDT.

In addition, you can get free delivery all around the country with a purchase of over 1,999 BDT. However, if you want free delivery within Dhaka, you have to purchase 999 BDT worth of products.

Their delivery team makes the delivery process top-notch. It is fast enough to help you during emergencies. And they are careful not to damage your important meds. They deliver delicate items such as insulin in a heat-sensitive box.

Contact Information: 01810-117100
Delivery Charge: 50 – 100 BDT
Payment Method: Nagad, Bkash, Credit/debit card

10. ChaiChai

One of the oldest online medicine shops in Bangladesh is ChaiChai. Surprisingly, they have successfully satisfied their 2 million+ customers in the last 10 years. But their age is not why you should trust their service, rather it’s the service itself.

Their wide array of medicines should cover all the items on your prescription. And they will get them to you as fast as possible. If you are in Dhaka, you will have them within 3-4 hours. They try to provide the fastest delivery out of Dhaka as well.

In addition to important medicines, you can get different types of fitness products, healthcare products, and covid essentials from this website.

ChaiChai is dedicated to making sure you are buying the right medicine. Once you upload your prescription on their website, their expert pharmacists will check it and discuss your problems with you. Then they will determine the medicines you need. This way you won’t have to buy unnecessary medicines.

This consultation is free.

Apart from all these, ChaiChai does different types of tests as well. They will visit you to collect the samples and send you the report when it is out. Yes, everything is as easy as this with ChaiChai.

Contact Information: 01730712924
Delivery Charge: 40 – 100 BDT
Payment Method: Bkash, Ucash, Nagad, Rocket, Cash on delivery, and SSL-approved payment gateway

Final Words

Online medicine shops in Bangladesh are not only convenient but are a big money saver as well. If you are worried about any type of medicine or healthcare product, you can go to any of these best online medicine shops in Bangladesh and get the item you need.

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